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PlatFair will use NFTs to provide access to elite educational content

The digital platform team PlatFair aims to revolutionize the learning experience and grant access to high-quality educational materials from top universities through NFTs. PlatFair proposes the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide students with access to exclusive educational materials created by renowned professors from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, and MIT.

We want to use NFTs as a gateway to the platform, without speculation and inflated bubbles. We intend to engage people from all over the world with gaming mechanics to develop their skills and competencies. The world is changing, and the education system must be relevant, innovative, and accessible,” said Evgeniy Lebedev, Head of Development at PlatFair.

The company noted that owning the PlatFair NFT will allow students to “acquire valuable knowledge and skills directly from world-class teachers, without any intermediaries.”

“PlatFair is committed to democratizing education, providing equal opportunities to students worldwide. By using PlatFair NFTs and collaborating with reputable institutions, the project team hopes to bridge the gap between traditional educational systems and premium education,” PlatFair said.

According to the developers, the use of NFT technology ensures not only authenticity but also a certain scarcity of available educational materials. Each NFT represents a unique piece of educational content. Additionally, the PlatFair NFT grants students full ownership rights over the associated educational materials. They can transfer or sell their NFTs, allowing them to recover their training costs and benefit financially. Previously, the government of El Salvador launched a general education program on cryptocurrencies for public school students. The training program began with the training of teachers so they could teach their students a course on the basics of cryptography and the use of digital assets.

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