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Plunge into the pulsating heart of progress, where yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality. The Tribe of Innovation is not merely a collectible; it’s a declaration of forward-thinking, a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. By securing an NFT from this tribe, you’re not just acquiring access to a library; you’re aligning with the pioneers, the disruptors, and the visionaries who are charting the course of tomorrow.

Navigate through the labyrinth of cutting-edge technology, where every turn unveils a marvel, every corridor leads to a breakthrough, and every dead end challenges you to think differently. This tribe is the crucible where raw ideas are forged into tangible change, where the audacity to imagine is coupled with the acumen to implement. From the inventive minds of yesteryears to the ingenious innovators of today, the Tribe of Innovation is your gateway to the vanguard of the digital realm.

Join the Tribe of Innovation and arm yourself with the tools, insights, and foresight to be at the helm of the next big thing in the crypto universe. With your NFT, you’re not just a spectator but an active participant in the ever-evolving tapestry of technological advancement. Welcome to the Tribe of Innovation, where you don’t just witness the future you shape it.

Standard NFT

Includes a minimum of 6 airdrops and a maximum of 11 over the next 5 years, in addition to the educational membership area.

Premium NFT

Includes a minimum of 12 airdrops and a maximum of 20 over the next 5 years, in addition to the educational membership area.

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